Meet Your New Best Friend!

Every animal available for adoption at The Humane Society of Delaware County is special and deserves love, but these pets need special people, and we hope it’s you!

Meet Your New Best Friend!

Every animal available for adoption at The Humane Society of Delaware County is special and deserves love, but these pets need special people, and we hope it’s you!

Here for You and Your Pets!

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It’s Puppy Mill Awareness Day.

Do you know where your dog came from? Did you research your breeder and/or visit their facility.

Did you know…

* It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 puppy mills in the United States, fewer than 3,000 of which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

* Puppy mills are inhumane commercial dog breeding facilities that may sell puppies in pet stores, online or directly to the public (in flea markets or via classified ads).

* Puppy mills disregard the dogs' health—both physical and emotional—in order to maximize profits.

Below are a few dogs we took in a few years ago that were discarded from puppy mills (no longer a good breeder). They have since been adopted and happy in their home.

Anna had a large kiwi-sized bladder stone from YEARS of untreated urinary tract infections. She was covered in urine and feces and missing 33 teeth from a surgery corn based diet and lack of dental care. Once in our care, she was spayed, had a cystotomy to remove the bladder stone, had 6 addition teeth extracted (leaving her 3 teeth at 8yrs old) and was completely shaved down to remove her filthy matter hair.

Olaf had 19 teeth removed also due to a sugary, corn based diet and lack of dental care. He too was covered in urine, feces and mats, needing a shave down at time of his neuter.

Sheldon had fur so overgrown you could not feel his skin or even listen to his heart at the time of his intake exam. He had to be sedated in order to be shaved down, which took the clinic staff over an hour to complete. He required the removal of 4 teeth and was missing 6 when he came in. His lower jaw also has a bone infection.

All three of these dogs came in with severe ear infections that had gone untreated for years.

From Anna’s new mom…

“Anna, aka Girlie Sue came to our home the week/weekend of New Year’s Eve as the Humane Society was going to be on Holiday Hours.

Dave called me on that Sunday afternoon and asked me if I remembered Anna. I said of course I did. He asked me if I would consider fostering Anna for the holiday break as she is showing signs of progress and felt that with limited staff, hours, etc. it may set her back.
I was there in 45 minutes, completed the necessary paperwork and we were off to my home. I was a little anxious as I have 2 spoiled fur babies at home and how were they going to react. (You notice I didn’t have concern about my husband )

When she got here, it was clearly evident she had never been into a house. Very scared of doors, and any noises, unaware of fresh water, rubbing of her chest (which she LOVES AND DEMANDS NOW) kisses, tender words, and A BED to sleep in and snuggle with humans. And of course, not potty trained. Only having 3 teeth, thru trials we have learned what she can and cannot have, and we roll with it. Cutting up her favorites so she can enjoy and not risk choking.

I can say after 3 months, she is fully potty trained, while they say she is around 8 years old, she is full of SPUNK, she is anew. She certainly does not act middle aged, she’s a super-fast runner, gets crazily excited to see me, and I think this is all because she has found a home, that she is loved, and is free.”
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19 hours ago

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1st cocker i rescued had been a puppy mill mom. Had her for 6 years and she was a love, followed me everywhere. Slept at my hip In bed and still miss her after 4 1/2 years

those puppy mills are so awful. But this baby is adorable and so lucky!!!

My first dog was from a puppy mill. We didn't know any better and got him from a pet store. He didn't know what grass or carpet was and was afraid to walk on it. It was heart breaking once we educated ourselves on puppy Mills. I hate that I got him from a pet store, but I will never regret getting Ollie. With Jake, I did more research and found a breeder who had a house with a fenced in back yard that they used for the puppies and their parents to have fun. We got to see all the puppies wandering about the house. Jake is very healthy, unlike Ollie who was riddled with health issues.

Apollo says Hi! He sure is grateful for all the shelter volunteers for loving him. He is doing wonderful with my family including the kiddos! He loves playing catch too!

We're staying on a friend's property near New Castle Ohio. Amish country. I have heard many dogs barking not far from us but only early morning. I am going to walk there and if I suspect it's a puppy mill what do I do? Should I ask to buy a puppy?

Susan Winter- Lemieux we need to foster!!!!! Look at these babies

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Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. To put a stop to this cruel industry use this flowchart when finding a dog. Puppy Mill animals are kept in such harsh conditions and while we are used to seeing perfect puppies in store windows, this is not the case for their parents and other animals still there. #dontshopadopt #endpuppymills #dontshopadopt🐾

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I got 3 dogs from shelters and they were great dogs all lived into late teens. (13,19,19) when my wife and I went to get another dog, we went to a shelter the process made it impossible to adopt, we found a beagle and when our oldest dog passed at 19 our beagle was lonely I saw a dog at a shelter ( not Delaware) this dog was in need of a home they had posted him online (Facebook) asking for a new home I inquired about him told them I had a dog, they said they would have to meet which I understand I said no problem I was driving 2.5 hours so I wanted to set a time they then said never mind it was too far for a visit. 😳. Again this was not Delaware but some people will shop because the process to adopt is crazy in some locations.

Update- Foster found! But sweet Huey is still available for adoption! Apply now for some sweet puppy love, he’s cuddly and ready to meet you. 🐾🐾❤️
Sweet Huey hasn’t found his forever home quite yet. He would love to spend the weekend at a foster sleepover to get out of the shelter. 
If you are interested, please submit a foster application, then email Pick up time is tomorrow between 10-5!

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We are happy to take him for the weekend if he is ok to be around our dogs.

So he can be adopted tho?

Awww I wish I could get him but I just don’t have the time right now😩. I hope he finds a loving forever home that spoils him 🐶❤️🙏🏻


Jacob McDaniels

Oh my gosh…that faaaaace! 😍

Scott Jacquemin you’d be perfect for this job!!!

Harmony Bayless

Roberta Martin

Corey Stacy ....I want him

That face. Wish I could have another dog ❤️🐾

He is precious!

How long are applications good for?

Joyce Napier-Young

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